Pay Day 2: Crimewave Edition is coming to Xbox One

You know that old saying “crime pays”? Well in this case it’s actually true! This cooperative heist shooter that can be played with friends online or alone with AI is coming to Xbox One.
Time to pull out those masks again and rob the local store, kidnap a person of interest, participate in some cyber crime or go for the big payoff by emptying the vault of a bank *DISCLAIMER – XBOX ONE UK DO NOT ENCOURAGE THE ROBBERY OF BANKS… unless you share a small portion with us and we may keep quiet.*

Chains, Dallas, Hoxton and Wolf return as the original crew and have plenty of opportunities to make more cash from the vast range of dynamic contracts available through the CrimeNet.


But I had it on Xbox 360


Pay Day 2 developers Overkill Software decided to re-release the game on to next gen systems along with features and add-ons from the PC version, so anyone who played the 360 version and wasn’t too sure whether an upgrade was worthwhile will find plenty of new content to play with while taking on jobs and trying to make more money.

Along with some of the new updates is a new crafting system which allows players to customise their weapons, gear and character. This will help your approach to the game as you start to take on bigger jobs for bigger rewards. Players still have the option to go guns blazing or to try and take the stealth approach keeping casualties to a minimum.

The next gen release is currently scheduled for 30th June 2015 according to Metacritic but of course as always we will keep you up to date with any changes.

Now might be a good time to start honing in on those skills you need to make a truckload of cash.

For more on Pay Day 2: Crimewave Edition stay tuned to Xbox One UK

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