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In the world of The Roundabout, You play  a female mute limo driver, who has decided to make her mark on the exciting world of limo driving by becoming the world’s foremost revolving chauffeur…really did I just say that, guess I did….

Ihave to say this is the most amazing, craziest game I have ever played they really have made the game quite well, If a little low-bidget.   its something different from the norm with the cinematic videos between missions it reminds me of the old style games back in the late 80’s early 90’s when developers where trying to make games more graphical using actual video images in a game instead of computer generated images.

The starting music is amazing and really puts you in the mood for the best cheesy game of its time…..sure they took some ideas of Tina Turners disco inferno sound track 😛 but it all comes together very well its a great start and makes you want to play.


the game is  very well put together its kind of a cross breed of Crazy Taxi meets Tony Hawks with a bit of the Simpsons thrown in.

The reason behind this is the way the game makes you channel your limo around the streets followed by many skilled jumps. you can do various things on your travels around the cities of the game collecting money stash’s and passing by your local garages to upgrade or change the colour of your car, there are many people you collect on your travels from Beth to the local car mechanic my favourite collection was the local skeleton very weird not someone your would normally collect on a Friday afternoon.

As you move through the game’s open world, you accept missions by picking up passengers. Every time you pick someone up you are treated to a unique and cheesy full-motion video sequence that contributes to the game’s story. They’re ridiculous, they don’t take themselves seriously, and they look like they could have been made in a garage. The acting in each is deliberately amateur, rather than an attempt to meet big Hollywood’s exacting standards. Such scenes are what might result from a group of friends getting together to make a dumb and campy film with a 1970s feel.

 Roundabout Games Drive

you control an always-rotating limo through the open streets of Roundabout city. You can’t control the speed of the rotation, and you can only rarely affect its direction, so manoeuvring around the streets requires precise timing you can speed the motion up with the left of the right trigger but other than this the rotation can’t be stopped as you pick up passengers and take them where they need to go, you must carefully weave your way through obstacles like cars, street lamps, fences and, of course, roundabouts and maybe some random jumps. Most objects in the environment are indestructible, and smashing your car against them causes damage to your limo. It’s important to learn how to slide yourself into gaps as you spin, which allows you to navigate turns and avoid other drivers, who would be easy to avoid if you were driving like a normal person instead of a spinning maniac.

Getting the hang of moving with the limo’s rotation requires you to twist your melon a bit, but deftly sliding through obstacles is satisfying. You often have to be quick, though, or you’ll spin right into a traffic sign or a building . Hit enough obstacles, and your limo blows up in spectacular fashion, but don’t worry: you won’t lose too much in terms of progress your will start a again 100 yard down the road.


you can get some help moving through town by equipping different power-ups, including one that allows you to slow down time while you move through obstacles, and another that helps you pinpoint hidden collectibles. Eventually, the story also grants you the ability to jump, which opens up even more paths and short-cuts.

Roundabout is short, but sweet. If you just speed through the story you can be done in a couple hours or less. Those hours are kept fresh with a handful of challenges that break up the pure driving such as a destruction derby event and a mission to bounce a soccer ball on your limo repeatedly, which can be replayed for higher leaderboard scores against your Xbox live friends.

Graphically it’s a mixed bag, with some lousy video acting, but sharp and colourful visuals in game, it does the job as a budget title, and it makes targets easier to pinpoint than some other top-down driving games I could mention.

Audio is a very similar situation, so much more could have been done, but what we have is adequate, and adds to the guilty-pleasure feeling.



Let's go for a spin!
  • 7/10
    Graphics - 7/10
  • 7/10
    Sound - 7/10
  • 8/10
    Gameplay - 8/10
  • 7/10
    Longevity - 7/10


The roundabout is a decent enough game, which is fun for most of its lifespan, which at 7 hours certainly isn’t terrible for little more than £10.


Colin Cashin

i am 37 years young with one wife one daughter and one Xbox one console living the dream.

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