Will the world go Bizarro? New DLC for Lego Batman 3.

Fans of the game will be excited to know that new DLC Bizarro World is now available on quite a few platforms. Giving the game a real twist into the weird world of cloned characters from the DC Comics, but for committed fans, I do think you’d be quite happy with what they have done.


Meet Bizarro, an interesting character who is given his own world thanks to Superman, and now it is getting destroyed by a ‘good’ guy. His mission, to save his home alongside familiar faces which you may recognise.

It follows the Arrow Pack DLC which was happily snapped up by a lot of dedicated fans, who still wanted to continue their adventure. Warner Bros. Interactive have done a good job with this game in general, giving a particular twist to each DLC is a great asset to the game, and keeps gamers wanting to play.

For only £12.79 you can purchase the season pass which includes all 6 DLC packs (Arrow, Bizarro World, Man of Steel, Dark Knight, Batman 75th and still to be released, The Squad Pack) or if you just want a certain DLC, happily pay £2.55 each for them.


I think fans, young and old will still get a lot out of this game, and it is brilliant for families.

Check out the trailer here :

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