Saints Row IV: Re-Elected & Gat Out of Hell Review

Saints Row has been around quite a few years, and while it started life as a simple GTA clone, It was soon deemed as “More Fun” which didn’t sit well with the die-hard GTA fans, but Saints Row soon built up it’s own following and back then it seemed to be a choice between one or the other.

When Saints Row 2 was released, Throwing your friends in front of  train to help them rack up some hefty insurance claims was one of the most entertaining features, and the crazy ideas slowly started to create a divide, maybe you could have a game similar to GTA that had more of an emphasis on unadulterated fun.  Adding even more adult humor and crazy ideas into SR3, and the franchise had moved quite a distance from it’s roots and the path was set for Saints Row IV.

Crazy didn’t even begin to describe it, and with Alien abductions and super-powers, Saints Row had moved much closer to the likes of Crackdown than Grand Theft Auto.


Some feel the franchise got “Silly” but as I said in my original Saints Row IV Review last gen,

“It was a bold, and wise move”, at the time GTA V was just around the corner, and was always going to be an amazing game, and there was no news of a new Crackdown title, so taking that giant step towards super jumping and gliding your way around the city was never going to please everyone, but it did diversify the franchise quite happily sitting on many shelves beside GTA rather than continuing trying to battle the monolith franchise head on.

The first thing you’ll notice with this next-gen remake is the polish, It certainly looks better, and considerably sharper than the original, However you can tell it was originally made for the 360 18 months ago when the Next-Gen systems where yet to be released, The power of the new machines do add considerably to the smoothness and frame-rate which in-turn reflects on the game-play, spotting enemies is that little bit easier, and working your way through the various story and side-quest missions that little bit more enjoyable than it already was,


So the full Saints Row IV Game is in place, looking better than ever, and with all previous DLC included it’s already a great package considering you can pick it up for £30-£35.

The included content, consists of the two expansions, Saints save Christmas and Enter the Dominatrix, but most impressive of all is the new DLC, (also available as a stand-alone download, ‘Gat out of Hell’.  Looking at other additions, there’s now a variety of voice commands which (If Kinect works well detecting your voice) can be used to great effect, but don’t expect the overhaul of Metro Redux or the content count of Halo : The Master Chief collection.



Gat Out of Hell,  will last you about 5 hours, and has some great new weapons, a whole new area, some crazy cameo appearances and it all begins at Kinzi’s birthday party when some Ouija board fun, ends up with the President transported to hell to marry the daughter of Satan.

There’s various new weapons, as well as a few taken from SRIV which have been re-skinned, 7 of the weapons make up the special ‘7 Deadly Sins’ which include Armchair-A-Geddon which is as fun and crazy as it sounds with Mini-guns replacing the chairs arms.

The Cameo Appearances range from Pirates to a legendary poet, playwright and actor, and these help to make up the “Story” of Gat out of Hell, which to be fair, is a story, but not as we know it,
Throughout the 5 hours or so you’ll spend in New Hades, you’ll get various cut-scenes, which are usually triggered after you’ve reach a certain point on the “How pissed off is Satan” scale.


Working your way through the various mini-quests and side-missions mean there’s plenty of variety but it does feel a little random at times, However there’s always something to do, and unlocks and powers open up at a steady rate meaning never left wondering what to do next.

Best of all, along with a super Sprint & Jump you’ll open up the ability to spawn wings and fly very early on, This makes traversing the map great fun and the task of collecting nearly a thousand orbs a little less of a chore.  As you expect there’s plenty of charisma and character in the game which is either funny or frustrating depending how you view the standard Saints Row humour from previous games. but unfortunately there’s little in the way of customization as you’re set as controlling Johnny or Kinzi.

As a complete package it’s great value for those who didn’t get the most out of Saints Row IV on 360, and thankfully there’s options to cater for everyone.


Many will be pleased to hear, ‘Gat out of Hell’ is also available as a standalone DLC,  If you had /have Saints Row IV and played all or some of the DLC, then there’s little reason to pick up Re-Elected just for the Voice commands.


Like a Gat
  • 7.2/10
    Saints Row IV : Re-Relected - 7.2/10
  • 7.6/10
    Saints Row : Gat Out of Hell - 7.6/10


If you’re a returning fan to SRIV, then Re-Elected alone is a solid remake of an already impressive game, and while it doesn’t add much new the budget price for the original game and DLC makes it well worth considering  

And ‘Gat out of Hell’ is a slightly new take on DLC, which is too short to be classed as stand-alone, but too long, detailed, and high quality to be a mere DLC.

Releasing Gat out of Hell separately means those loyal to SRIV / previous DLC aren’t forced into buying the full game, and they’re the people who will enjoy this pack the most  

So as a complete package, there’s options if you already exhausted SRIV, and a fantastic budget priced package with plenty to enjoy both new and old.


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