Grand Theft Auto V Review


It’s safe to say this has been long awaited game for the “next gen” consoles! I myself have been waiting for this for a very long time……GTA 5 game was the sole reason why I kept my Xbox 360 after the Xbox One came out, yes this might seem a crazy thought “why the hell would this be the single reason for keeping a great piece of hardware” you may ask! Well it’s very simple I LOVE GTA 5!!


There is a bit of stigma floating around this game at the moment because it’s a re-release title, a lot of people are asking why was this game released at full price and why should I get GTA again, my opinion is this: it’s the most fun you can have in a game, I have spent many a night in stitches because of random fights I get into or grabbing a chopper and doing some parachuting just because I felt like it. This is the sandbox of sandboxes! If you like playing single player or online with your friends this game caters to everyone’s likes. Great story, fun characters, driving cool cars, shooting at random gangsters, flying helicopters and jets, water skiing and even riding a rollercoaster! I could reel off what this game has all day (don’t worry I won’t).


So I guess the question really is what does the next gen version of this game really do for you? Well……It gives you a game to express yourself in any way you want while playing with your friends in a massive beautiful city crammed full of things to see and do. Graphically Rockstar has really rolled out the red carpet, GTA 5 looks beautiful! From the shark infested waters to the flying rat (pigeons) filled sky’s this is a pleasure to look at. The added feature of first person is fantastic, it really gives you the feeling you’re in the action, The original version of the game was immersive and fun but this version with first person gives you a whole new prospective, I nearly crapped myself flying down a hill in first person in my Sentinel! XBOX RECORD THAT!! Brilliant.


This new version also comes bursting with new content such as more Missions, Weapons, cars, more customization, Wildlife and not to forgot new tunes! With the cars in mind we have the privilege of driving a few memorable vehicles, enter the Dinka Blista Compact (Toyota Corolla), Declass Stallion and Imponte Dukes (1970 Dodge Charger). There’s also a new submarine called the Kraken and the return of the Dodo plane, so Los Santos’ land, sea and air have some new toys 


The in-game music which has always been loaded with great tunes to jam to while getting shot at by the local gangs and police has been boosted as well with over 100 more tunes and a new radio station Non Stop Pop FM hosted by Cara Delevingne…Win!

The animals of this bustling city have had an upgrade also, now we have a whole new array of critters to hunt or be hunted by such as Cougars, Coyotes, killer Whales, Wild boars, Rabbits, Sea Gulls, Hawks, Rats (land version), Monkeys, Dogs, Cows and even Chickens. Happy Hunting or bird watching!


And last but no means least the heists have been mentioned to be released soon with a new update to expand your online experience and Dollar Dollar bills even more, this will really boost GTA 5s content to all new height and let’s be honest we have all been waiting to rob a bank or 2 with your friends!

I’m sure you have figured out by now GTA 5 is a must buy, regardless of what console you own or what kind of player you are you need to experience this game. There is a whole world of things to do with a whole new perspective to experience, GTA 5 allows you to do whatever you want and performs better than Hugh Hefner at a Playboy Mansion sleepover!



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