Turtle Beach X0 Headset Review

Turtle Beach Ear Force XO Xbox One Amplified Stereo Gaming and Mobile Gaming Headset Review
Price £49.99
Turtle Beach secured itself a reputation in the last generation for delivering high quality gaming headphones. For the first time, gamers were able to take control of their game audio at an affordable price  not everyone can afford the expense for impressive surround-sound set-ups, after all.  We’ve been eagerly anticipating the turtle beach debut on Xbox One, delayed due to Microsoft in getting the Stereo Adapter on the shelves, and we couldn’t be happier to have our ears wrapped in the glorious sound of explosions, engines and Xbox Live Banter.
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The Turtle Beach XO Stereo headsets have been designed with the Xbox One in view. Small in size, but large in sound the XO takes a minimalist approach to design. The Headphones are big enough to cover ears entirely, even our unnaturally sized ears. Initially, the set sits a little tight, though a few hours with the XO will see it loosen nicely. I put the headset through lengthy music and gaming sessions, and rarely did i notice its weight or positioning. Better still, the headphones are padded nicely, which goes a long way to ensuring you avoid any painful burning sensations pulsating through your ears after excessive use.
Whether you’re looking for stereo or virtual surround sound, Turtle Beach has a great track record on delivering at all levels. The XO feature built-in Speaker Drivers and noise cancellation technology. In reality, this means that once the set is on your head and a game is underway you can very quickly tunnel vision on the action ahead of you. On the plus side: this is perfect for blocking out distractions from annoying siblings/parents/housemates/Wife’s trust me i have one, but can lead to some uncomfortable situations nothing worse than someone tapping you on the shoulder while completely immersed in sound.
As i put plenty of time in with the XO i was very impressed with the results. It took a few hours for the speakers to really warm up, but the Stereo Sound was great for immersive single player games and intense multiplayer action.image 4
The bass is powerful enough to get a real kick out of explosions, i was surprised by how clear when blasting music through the headset. Instrument heavy music produced impressive results, and while it certainly isn’t approaching an audiophile level of quality, you’d struggle to find a pair of music-focused headsets at the same price that offer the same level of quality, However the base levels on the headset control’s can be changed on 3 stages which is a nice little touch.
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In game, the action was incredibly clear. The stereo sound is amazing , and while you won’t have the same level of precision as, say, an opponent equipped with either virtual or full surround sound you will still be able to pick out the direction of gunfire, hear footsteps and get a better general understanding of where the firefights are unfolding on a map.
The XO  features a detachable microphone that offers a great level of quality and clarity. i had no problem using the microphone for everything from Skype , Party Chat and it has in fact replaced Kinect as our go-to microphone. also the mic is quiet rigid and really seams to be a sturdy piece. Chat is controlled, handily, by the official Turtle Beach Adapter, not only can you raise and drop the game volume pumping into your ears  but you can also tweak chat volume independently. There’s also a button in the middle of the adapter to let you quickly mute and unmute the microphone. The only thing i found that with the headset in game volume can be hard to balance out with party chat and sometime you find yourself fiddling with the controls trying to set it right….after a few hours messing around you will finally twig and everything becomes clear either that or i am a tad bit daft.
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It’s worth noting that the headset is wireless from the console, though it does need to connect to the Stereo Adapter via an included 3.5mm jack cable to function. This does, as you might imagine, have a negative impact on controller battery life. Then again, if you’re shelling out for a gaming headset, now is probably the time to purchase a Play & Charge kit but seriously it depends on how many hours you pump into a game between charges..
The XO headset for Xbox One is a great way to get crisp, loud stereo sound out of your games. You’ll feel closer to the action and get a real feel for the incredible work that goes into game audio  especially in games like Destiny or Forza H2  the headset could be a tad more comfy on the headband itself but as a first buy ain’t really that bad basically for All Your Audio Needs XO ONE isn’t just great for games you will enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows with high quality sounds, crank up your tunes you will really enjoy them i know i have so far.
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