Turtle Beach : EarForce Sentinel – Review

Turtle Beach : Ear Force – Sentinel : Task Force , Headset Review

Manufacturer : Turtle Beach / Branding : Call of Duty – Advanced Warfare

Package Contents : Headset, Audio Controller, Removable Mic boom, USB update cable, Quick start Guide, Sticker.

Price : RRP : £79.99

Over the last ten years, gaming Headsets have been growing in popularity and while originally a staple of competitive gaming, more and more people are using headsets for better immersion, and louder sound especially when gaming in a family household, and with most online gamers using a headset of some form for chat, bundling that in with game audio has some major positives,

One company that has grown from strength to strength and is in part to thank for the boost in headsets are Turtle Beach and today we’re having a look at their Call of Duty : Advanced Warfare branded “Sentinel – Task Force”.


To begin, it’s worth noting there’s often two areas for gaming headsets that are made to cover both ears.

Sure there’s basic sets available as a replacement for the bundled Xbox One headset, but as a replacement for game audio you will usually find a headset falls into one of two areas, mid-range and high-end, with the £100 bracket usually sitting between the two.

The more expensive headset’s usually have superior build quality, better sound, and features such as wireless or dolby surround sound, while the mid-range devices usually rely on great stereo sound quality, and a lower price tag to tempt gamers.

Many opt for the mid-range XO4 (also from Turtle Beach) because the step up in price to the XO7 (which provides equal sound quality)  means they’re venturing towards the High end headsets.

and while some will use the Xbox One chat adapter for older headsets, If you want a current device, without the hassle of having to obtain extra bits and bobs, The Turtle Beach Earforce – Sentinel : Task Force’ put up a fantastic argument to be the headset of choice.

Firstly, unlike the branded ‘Titanfall Atlas’ headset, the Sentinel are a much more subtle and user friendly design, There’s the ‘AW’ initials on each side of the overhead band, with the full logo on the plates on side of the cups, the first feature usually reserved for higher end headsets, means these plates are replaceable, so you can purchase designs from Turtle Beach to further customize or simplify your headset.


The top band does have the mid-range feel to it, and is lightweight with a small padding on the underside, they extend well, making a snug and fairly comfortable fit for most head-sizes, and would be ideal for Teenagers.

There certainly not as comfortable as many of the HIgh end headsets, however they do fit better, and while I wouldn’t recommend a headset like the Xp400 to a youngster as they only just fit my head, The Sentinel Task Force, will suit most head sizes perfectly, with the 50mm speakers comfortable over most ears, and while the synthetic leather cushioning isn’t as comfortable for me as the mesh on the XP400’s, It still felt pleasant enough without my ears feeling hot or suffocated.

Moving on to sound quality, and I was able to compare these directly to my XP400 which are a 5.1 surround sound headset rrp:£199.99.

The Sentinel are only stereo sound (2.1 channels) so can’t match a high-end headset that’s throwing out Dolby surround sound, so with the Sentinel you won’t be able to distinguish exact location other than left or right.

However with a 2.1 Stereo output the sound quality is indistinguishable between the two.

So full marks for audio quality.

A few more features which sadly aren’t seen enough on mid range headsets, are variable Bass Boost, and Mic Monitoring,

Bass boosts, works to increase (or Soften) deep Bass sounds like Explosions, having this on the highest setting sounds best for me, but turning it off, can give a much more distinct tone for footsteps.

The Mic Monitoring,  is another bonus usually reserved for top headsets, and I believe I’m right when I say this is the cheapest you’ll get a pretty important feature.

It enables you to softly hear your own voice through the headset, so the louder you have game audio, the more you’ll be able to hear yourself chatting.

So while it’s not strong enough to be the perfect solution (which would probably prove annoying anyway) It does reduce the likelihood of you shouting to your friends down the headset, or having to game with the gorgeous game audio turned down low.

The Sentinel Task Force, are a Xbox One Headset, so everything you need comes in the box, There’s the special Turtle Beach version of the Xbox One Chat Adapter, and USB cable in case you haven’t used one before and need to update the adapter / controller.

the adapter has soft touch buttons, which don’t feel too clicky, and while some might say too much so, it fits very snug onto the pad.

The Mic is removable for when you’re not using chat, so can be replaced if ever damaged, and while the cable is fixed into the headset, It can be used with the official Microsoft chat adapter if you prefer the buttons, style or fit of that one. you can also plug the cable direct into most mobile phone headset sockets, and use it for that too, which is another added bonuses.


The Sentinel Task Force is a fantastic headset, which sits above other mid-range headsets in features, but below high-end headsets in both price and design, It’s a welcome middle ground.

I would have liked to have seen a slightly more durable build, but it’s little to complain about, when I’ve had about a dozen headsets over the years, and yet to have one break on me.

If you want a headset under £100, the the Sentinel Task Force should be strongly considered even if you’re not a fan of Call of Duty.

  • Turtle Beach : EarForce Sentinel


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