Sniper Elite 3 : Ultimate Edition

Testicles will be exploding in slow-motion once again…………

Remaking last-gen games for the next generation consoles is pretty common these day’s,
But how about re-releasing a next-gen game, on the same console a year after release,
That’s right, Sniper Elite 3 will be coming back, with all DLC bundles.

due for release March 10th, Here’s the official press release……….

505 Games and Rebellion today announced the upcoming release of The Sniper Elite 3 ‘Ultimate Edition’ including the award-winning tactical shooter plus additional DLC content in one explosive package. This expanded experience is designed to give players everything they need to traverse the unforgiving terrain of North Africa as they embroil themselves in a savage conflict against Nazi Germany’s elite Afrika Korps and infamous SS Special Forces. The Sniper Elite 3‘Ultimate Edition’ will be available March 10, 2015 on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


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