Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Evolved Review

Geometry Wars 3 : Dimensions Review

Publsher : Activision / Sierra

Developer : Lucid Games

Size : 205.61 MB

Release date : 26/11/14 (Out Now)

Price : £13.99

As a youngster Smash TV was one of my favorite games on the Super Nintendo, and while I’d tasted titles like Robotron before that It was Smash TV that captured my attention, Over the years, there’s been far too many similar style games to play, but it was the evolution of control pads and twin-sticks that really saw the genre boom, as the ‘Twin-Stick Shooter’ was born.


One game that initially caught my eye for the wrong reasons was Geometry Wars, a mere bonus mini-game hidden in Project Gotham Racing 2, was getting so much attention that it was being released as a solo title.

A simple looking, and basic Twin-Stick Shooter, getting it’s own release on the days of Xbox 360, seemed ludicrous until I took the time to sit down and have more than a few games with it.

Then it hit me like a freight train, the nostalgia of my younger days, playing for a high score, on what we look back on as the simplest of ideas, but the delivery is what’s important and Geometry Wars certainly did that, with a collection of well over 100 XBLA games it was Geometry Wars I’d return to time and time again, just for the fun of it.

And then came Geometry Wars 2, to me, a fantastic sequel that added an adventure mode, packed with challenges and improved visuals, while maintaining the same addictive score chasing, and finishing off my 360 days as a go to title,

But on Xbox One, that void remained, until this week, when I got my hands on Geometry Wars 3 : Dimensions.

Anyone who’s played either of the original titles, will know what to expect from Activision’s first release under the Sierra (Indie) label, a grid, with enemies spawning over time, each enemy has a distinct shape & colour, and reacts differently, some will follow you, others will trace a set-predictable path, while many will just float around waiting to get in your way as you race away from others, and the challenge comes with time, as more and more enemies spawn at once making it tougher to slice a route through the swarms of enemies.

One of Geometry Wars 3’s new additions is the drone, these can work as an offensive or defensive companion and have their own abilities such as dropping mines to cut down pursuing enemies it’s a small addition that won’t upset returning fans, but gives the franchise a boost of life onto the next-gen console, which benefits the title graphically with super sharp visuals and silky smooth movement which makes a world of difference when things start to get busy.


Then there’s the main addition of 3D play-areas, There’s still the old fashioned, large, flat 2-dimensional square available as “Classic mode” with various game types, But Adventure mode takes you across a variety of shapes and sizes, ranging from a fairly simple circular area to the standard square shape which has been twisted to make judging movement and shooting a little bit more challenging, But it’s when you hit the full 3D shapes when things can get really tough (or easy depending how you adapt), a large cylindrical pill, a cube with round edges, or a near doughnut shape, and many others fill the 50 Adventure levels, and while it will take you a while to get to the latter ones, that brings us to what’s great about Geometry Wars 3, the Challenge.


Firstly, you’ll get through the first handful of levels, scraping by with a single star, maybe two occasionally, but as you unlock the boss battles (well designed levels against a large enemy, as well as the clock/score) you’ll need a set amount of stars to move on, progressing further and this requirement gets more and more challenging, meaning you’ll have to go back to some of these early levels and gain a few more stars, It can be tough, but for the most part, you’ll find the extra experience gets you closer to the prized third star tie and time again.

So not only are you chasing the level requirement, the time, the score, and your own accomplishments, but the game wants to remind you, you can do better, often with a great big stop sign,

that forces you to rethink your skills.

There’s also Co-op mode, which has it’s very own (albeit smaller) path of challenges, but is equally fun and challenging.

and will keep you and your friend entertained,  (or fighting like cat and dog) for hours.



  • 9/10
    Overall - 9/10


Overall, Geometry Wars 3 : Dimensions is an amazing game, full of retro nostalgia, while taking a massive stride into the modern generation, with razor-sharp visuals and the fantastic implementation of 3D levels.

Returning fans, should have already picked this up, and anyone unsure, stuck staring at screenshots thinking if looks good enough, need to get their hands on this quickly as no screenshot or trailer can replicate the addiction of actually playing it.


Freelance Gaming Journalist, Editor In Chief : Xbox One UK

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