Game Sharing Guide

A quick step by step guide and FAQ page for game sharing on the Xbox One.

First, some very basic information.

Hopefully everyone knows all of the following:

Xbox One games on disc cannot be played without it and therefore cannot be simultaneously shared. If you want to share your disc games, you’ll have to share your disc and make do without that game for a while.

However, the Xbox One can also play games downloaded directly and this is where the magic happens.

These can be purchased on the Xbox One store, or download codes can be purchased from other retailers (see our other guides- they can be cheaper from other sources).

These games have 2 licenses, the device license and user license. The user license enables the gamertag that bought the game to play it on any Xbox One console they log into live on. The device license enables all gamertags that access live on the buyers Home Console to access the game.

So, you have bought your console, you have bought a digital game and you want to understand sharing that game with a family member or friend.

In the above scenario, both licenses are being used for access on one console, you are the buyer (user), you are on your Home Console (device) and anyone who logs in on your console alone will have access to the game.

Setting up Game Sharing

A word of warning: You will need to log into your windows live account (gamertag) using your password on your sharing partners console. ALWAYS take care of your account details and passwords. NEVER offer these details to strangers. If you can, set up game sharing in person.

1. Set your friends console as your Home Console, by logging in on it and doing so from the settings menu. Now, when you purchase a digital game using your gamertag it will be licensed to your gamertag (user) and your Home Console (device). Because you set your friends console as your Home Console, it will be available to them and any others who log in on their console.

2. Allow your friend to set your console as their Home Console. Exactly the same will apply for their purchases. They will be licensed to the purchasing gamertag (user) and their Home Console (device), which they set as yours! TADA!


Which games can I share?

All of your digital purchases will be shared. That’s games, season passes, dlc, ea access membership, the lot!

Is this OK with Microsoft?

Not only is this OK, this is one of the Xbox One’s main selling points!

How many people can I game share with?

You can only have 1 Xbox One as your Home Console at any one time and can change this 3 times in a year (365 days since first change). Therefore you shouldn’t hope to change it very often, not to mention your game sharing partner may not be very happy!

Do I have to share with the same person?

Game sharing works best 1:1. Your purchases are shared with one person and their purchases are shared with you. You can set a different person’s console as your Home Console but they will benefit and the person sharing to you won’t. In 1:1, there is mutual benefit. If you buy your partner saves, if they buy, you save!

If you have any questions you think would be useful to add, comment below!

Happy game sharing!


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  • 01/08/2015 at 8:04 am

    Hi so I just game shared with a friend well I shared mine they didn’t share with me but here’s my questions.1.the friend I shared with now has their console as my home console and I can’t get my own console to set as my home as I have purchased the pre ordered digital black ops lll and season pass will I still be able to access this when it comes it was purchased on my console and not theirs but theirs is set as my home if you follow me.just asking as I’m not sure on license transferring bit .Thanks if you can help

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