Destiny : Crota’s End Raid (Hard mode)

The rumours are true, and the Hard mode for Crota’s End (The 2nd Raid added in the Dark Below DLC) will be unlocked very soon.

The new hard raid will go live Jan 21st, and have the recommended Level 32 entry, and Bungie have promised that it’s going to be tough, with only the best team work likely to survive.

No doubt players will be stumbling around for a cheese to get pat the DeathSinger or Crota himself, but for those that do complete it, there’s a few rewards to look forward to,

There’s a new Shader called Glowhoo, and an impressively mean looking ship

2782809-bane_of_dark_gods_large The Bane of Dark Gods.

As for Weapons the Crux of Crota will be available to upgrade the already heavily upgraded Husk of the Pit into the Exotic Nechrocasm,

Here’s a gallery of all of the new Hard-mode Weapons.


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