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Skyforge – Xbox One Review

This generation of console gaming has sparked many free to play titles, specifically many MMO titles such as DC Universe, Warframe and Neverwinter. Recently,...

This Weeks Deals And Spotlight Sale – 21st-27th November

It's another week of sales this week as Major Nelson has announced what's on offer this time around.

Xbox One New Releases W/C 20th November

Unfortunately as we said last week, this time of year it starts to get a little quiet on the new release front. We have just...

Xbox One UK Charts – 20th November 2017

Here are the UK Charts for Xbox One games this week. This week, despite the controversy surrounding it, Star Wars Battlefront II enters the chart...

Outcast: Second Contact – Xbox One Review

Having been inundated with huge open world games over the last couple of decades, some repetitive (Assassin's Creed, Watch Dogs) with others offering fun...

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Custom Forza 7 Xbox One Controller Shell Giveaway

There's no doubt that people love a custom or modified controller. Anytime we post a feature on a new controller or some screenshots of...

Bulb Boy Review

If there ever was an eerie title, Bulb Boy is it. Developed by Bulbware, a small team from Poland, they've clearly been inspired by...

White Noise 2 Review

If you used to own an Xbox 360, you may remember a section of the Xbox Store aimed at independent developers with low budgets...

Venom Marauder 7.1 Headset Review

Most gamers like to feel immersed in the games that they play. So they have a couple of options to choose from:...

Bionik QuickShot Controller Grips & Lynx Charging Cable Review

Bionik may not be a name you’re familiar with, unless you’re one of our many readers from across the big blue in America. Primarily...
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